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As a homeowner, you probably feel that there are always little things to do around the house. Upgrades and renovations are sometimes necessary to improve the functionality and value of a home. If you enjoy tackling some tasks yourself, here are a few DIY home improvement projects that don’t require a lot of skill.

DIY Home Improvements: Re-Paint the Walls

An easy and effective way to update your house is to paint the walls. Over time, paint can chip or the color may be outdated. Clean the walls and fill in gaps, holes, and cracks with a spackle compound.

Purchase a quality paint roller and brushes from a home improvement store for the best results. An extension pole, drop cloths, and paint trays, are helpful tools to have when painting a room. Use canvas drop cloths to protect the floor, remove outlet covers, and apply masking tape to protect the trim.

As you’re painting, keep doors and windows open throughout the process, so fresh air will circulate through the space.

Organize the Garage

Garages accumulate miscellaneous items that don’t belong elsewhere in the house. Because of this, they can quickly become disorganized.

Building shelves you can use for storage will help with garage organization. You will need lumber, screws, and shelving brackets. Employees can cut the wood to the appropriate size for your project at many home improvement stores. After you construct your shelf, use storage bins to contain your belongings. These can be stacked on the new shelving. This is a quick and easy way to tidy the garage and create a more functional space.

Add Wallpaper as Part of Your DIY Home Improvement

An alternative to painting every wall of your house is to use wallpaper to accent an area. Wallpaper adds personality and boosts the aesthetic of your house. With peel-and-stick wallpapers, this is an easy DIY home improvement. Choose a design that complements the color of your walls and take measurements of the room. Some websites offer tools to help you calculate the amount of wallpaper you’ll need for a space.

Caulk Around Doors and Windows

Over time, seals around doors and windows can degrade. This can lead to poor energy efficiency and pests accessing your home.

Use caulk to seal cracks around windows and doors. If the weatherstripping is deteriorating, remove and replace it. Caulk and weatherstripping are available at hardware stores and are easy products to apply. Use a putty knife to scrape off the old product, then wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol to clean it thoroughly. You’ll seal gaps and cracks and keep temperature-controlled air inside your home.

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