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Your walls set the tone for the decor and the spaces within your home. When painting, use techniques that’ll make sure your home’s interior is clean and inviting. Check out these five great tips that’ll help you paint like a pro.

Invest in Quality Paint and Tools

Purchasing quality painting supplies like brushes, rollers, and tape is the first step to guarantee the finished product looks great. Good tools will also save you time and money on the project.

Quality rollers are made with high-density fabric that absorbs more paint and helps to distribute it evenly on the walls. Likewise, high-quality brushes offer better coverage and smoother finishes, and their bristles are less likely to become loose and get caught in the paint. Opt for the best painter’s tape to make sure drips are sealed out and it won’t damage your walls or trim when you peel it off.

Prep the Area

Before you begin painting, prep the areas where you’ll be working by covering furniture and flooring and removing the light switch and outlet covers. Once you’ve completed these tasks, vacuum any cobwebs that have gathered in corners, and wipe dust and dirt from the walls. If you notice areas that are peeling or chipped, lightly sand them with fine grain sandpaper, and fill nail holes and cracks with spackle. These areas should also be completely dry and lightly sanded before applying paint.

Use Primer to Paint Like a Pro

Priming your walls before painting will help you get the best results. It is especially important if you plan to paint over a dark-colored wall. The thicker texture of the primer keeps the original color of your walls from seeping into your new paint job. It also conceals blemishes, hides seams and small cracks, and creates an even texture that allows the paint to glide on smoothly and evenly. Apply a primer if your walls were painted more than eight years ago. It will cover any yellowing and bring out the vibrancy of your new color.

Cut In the Baseboards and Ceilings

Cutting in the walls with a paintbrush is essential for producing crisp, even lines near baseboards, windows, and doors as these areas can’t be easily reached by a roller. Use an angled brush to prevent paint from touching the ceiling. This same brush is also great for corners to provide a smooth transition between rolled and brushed paint. High-quality brushes will help you to get even coverage.

Use Rollers to Paint Like a Pro

For an easier job painting a wall, use an extension pole to cover the areas that are out of your reach. When you paint, move from top to bottom using a repeating “W” pattern to overlap the paint and prevent roller marks. Roll over paint drips and spatters before they dry to keep your paint job even and smooth.

Painting is easy and will help boost the value of your home. Prepare for your project by purchasing high-quality supplies and prep the painting area before beginning. Cover furniture and flooring, apply the primer, and use the best rollers and brushes for even paint coverage and great results.

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