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DIY projects for your home are fulfilling and cost-effective, but it’s important to be careful when working around the house. Here are 6 tips for DIY safety precautions to help prevent injuries.

DIY Safety Precautions: Work in a Well-Lit Area

Trying to work in the dark can be dangerous. Without adequate lighting, you could make a mistake that causes injury. Turn on all the available lights in the room. For additional lighting, rent an industrial work light from a hardware store. If you are working in a small area like a crawlspace or attic, use a headlamp.

Protect Your Eyes

Whether you are working with tools or chemicals, it is important to protect your eyes. If a small piece of wood or metal or toxic chemicals gets into your eyes, it could cause injury and even blindness. Invest in some work goggles to wear when drilling, sawing, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, and performing other tasks that may present a risk to your eyes.

DIY Safety Precautions to Protect Your Hands

When sawing and hammering a piece of wood, use clamps instead of your hands to hold it in place on the work table. Wear sturdy gloves for any tasks that involve handling toxic or unclean substances to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and bacteria. This includes cleaning the gutters and painting.

Wear a Mask

Keep from breathing in unhealthy fumes and particles by wearing a mask over your nose and mouth. Many household paints and primers contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are chemicals that cause a variety of health problems. Breathing sawdust can also cause respiratory issues, so protect yourself by covering your nose and mouth.

Be Alert

If you aren’t well-rested, save your DIY project for another day. Fatigue can cause you to make mistakes that lead to injuries and substandard outcomes. Only work on projects when you are alert, especially if they involve working with power tools or climbing on a ladder.

Clear the Area for DIY Safety

Clear the floor of your workspace so there are no tripping hazards. Extension cords laying across the floor are dangerous and make it likely for you or a family member to trip and fall. Remove everything from the floor and walkways so that people can safely move around.

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