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You spend a lot of time at home so it’s worth taking steps to create a healthier home for your family. Investing in a few effective upgrades will improve your home considerably. Continue reading for some helpful tips that will help you get started.

Replace Your Old Vacuum Cleaner

Upgrade your vacuum to a model that uses a HEPA filter. This is a high-efficiency filter that effectively removes dust, pollen, and other small particles from your home. If you or a member of your household has been diagnosed with asthma, this is a tip that you will want to follow.

Opting for a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner is a smart move if you need to carry it around numerous floors. Lugging a heavier vacuum around a large house will discourage cleaning the upper and lowermost rooms, where dirt and dust can become a problem.

Purify the Air to Create a Healthier Home

Use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in a room. This will help to combat mold and mildew, two things that are harmful to your home and your family’s health. Set up an air purifier to help remove dust and other allergens. Select a high-quality unit that is equipped to treat the square footage of the room where you’re using it.

Invest in a Convenient Home Gym

If you struggle with finding the motivation to drive to your local gym, set up a simple gym at home to help meet your health and fitness goals. Place a treadmill, spin bike, or weights in your garage, or turn a spare bedroom into a yoga studio. Even a set of weights and a yoga mat is enough to get you started with fitness at home.

One of the advantages of using a garage as a home gym is that you can open your garage door for fresh air when the weather is mild. If you watch a lot of TV, consider putting an elliptical machine nearby so you can work out while watching your favorite shows or the news.

Replace or Add to Your Home’s Insulation to Create a Healthier Home

If you live in an older property, have a professional check for asbestos-based insulation. If your home contains asbestos, replace it as soon as possible, as it has been linked to numerous health concerns such as cancer and respiratory conditions.

Replacing the insulation will also improve the heat retention of your home and reduce drafts during the winter months. Prolonged exposure to cold air is not only uncomfortable but can cause cold-like symptoms in family members. During the summer months, your home will also stay more comfortable since the conditioned air will stay inside of a well-insulated home.

When you create a healthier home, you’ll see lower utility bills and fewer health problems in your family members. Follow these tips to improve your household’s well-being.

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