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Home inspections are essential for learning about the condition of a house. They are helpful when purchasing a home, but the complete home inspection isn’t usually required when you are just purchasing or renewing a homeowners insurance policy. Your insurance company may require a 4-point home inspection before issuing a policy, especially for an older home. This inspection looks at the four main components of the property. It isn’t as extensive as a full home inspection, but it does provide information on the HVAC system, plumbing components, electrical system, and roofing.

Why Do I Need a 4-Point Home Inspection?

A 4-point inspection examines systems that affect the home’s biggest risk factors. Problems or defects in any of these areas may lead to an insurance claim. Electrical issues create fire hazards. Plumbing or roof leaks can cause expensive water damage and mold growth. The heating and cooling system can be a safety or fire concern.

The 4-point inspection provides information that an insurance company needs to determine coverage on a property.

What Does the Inspector Look For?

Plumbing System

Insurance companies want to know what types of plumbing pipes are in the house. The inspector will also note the estimated age of the pipes. Leaking or burst pipes can require pricey repairs, especially if the leak causes water damage to other areas of the home. Even in the case of minor leaks, drywall or flooring may need to be removed to access the leak.

Heating and Cooling System

The HVAC system maintains comfortable indoor temperatures. The insurance company wants to know if there is an HVAC system and if so, if it has been well-maintained. In some cases, insurance companies will deny coverage to homes that don’t have an HVAC system. Ask your homeowners insurance company if you’re not certain of their requirements.

A 4-Point Home Inspection Will Examine the Roof

An insurance company is interested in the condition and materials of the home’s roof. If the roof fails, the rest of the house is at risk, especially from damage by storms and rain. Your home inspector will access the roof and make notes on the age and the condition of the roofing materials, gutters, and flashings.

Electrical System

Faulty electrical components can be a fire hazard. House fires often result in the homeowner filing an insurance claim. It is reasonable that your insurance provider wants to understand any risk with your electrical system. During the 4-point inspection, the inspector will record the brand of the electrical panel, type of wiring, the grounding system, and make notes on the age of the system.

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