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A swimming pool is a welcome addition to any property, especially in the heat of the summer. Family and friends enjoy relaxing around the water. This season, use these ideas to upgrade your pool.

Automatic Pool Vacuum

Cleaning the swimming pool is a necessary task to keep the water healthy and safe. As a pool owner, you already have the tools and chemicals needed to keep the water clear. Investing in an automatic pool vacuum is an upgrade that reduces the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your pool.

Furnish the Pool Area

You won’t spend the entire day in the water, so invest in quality furniture for lounging in the sun. If you plan a cookout on the grill, add a full patio set with table and chairs for enjoying outdoor meals. Outdoor rugs and throw pillows are great for adding a boost of color to the space. Lounge chairs provide a comfortable space to relax and get some sun after a swim.

Add Lighting to Upgrade Your Pool

Solar-powered lights are nice for illuminating the area after dusk. Install pathway lights to help prevent missteps on the way to and from the pool. String lights add some warmth and light to the pool area. For security, consider installing a motion-detecting light near the entrance to the pool.

Fire Pit

After a day in the sun, a fire pit provides a place to continue socializing into the evening. You can easily build a fire pit from paving bricks available at your local hardware store. Install the pit so flames will be 20 feet from any structures.

Pool Alarm

For security, a pool alarm is a smart upgrade. Install an alarm on the gate leading to the pool so that you’re notified when someone enters the area. Alarms are also available that sound an alert when someone gets into the water. Both types of alarms help to keep your swimming pool safe and secure.

Upgrade Your Pool with a Waterfall Feature

For a touch of luxury, upgrade your pool with the sound of falling water. A waterfall or fountain creates a focal point for the swimming pool and helps to circulate the water.

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