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Trees frame your home and create dimension in your yard. They can reduce energy costs by creating shade. Certain trees even boost property value. However, if trees aren’t properly maintained, they can become a liability. Trees must be monitored and cared for to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to create a good program of tree care and maintenance.

Pruning at the Right Time

Proper pruning is essential to tree care. A bad cut could make the tree vulnerable to diseases and pests, eventually leading to its death. Learn about the best time of year for pruning different species of tress.  Use appropriate trimming techniques to minimize the risk of damage, disease, or pests. If your tree has known issues with insects or diseases, learn what steps are necessary to control them and take action before problems worsen. Together, these steps will create healthier, stronger trees.

Trees on Your Property Affect Others

The trees on your property can pose a risk your neighbors homes, vehicles, and safety. Trees near your neighbor’s fences, vehicles, yard, and home need to be monitored and trimmed back. If limbs could potentially damage their property, remove them before problems occur.

Utility providers and public works agencies could also be affected by your trees. If trees interfere with power lines or road maintenance, the company may have the right to cut them back. If you perform your own tree maintenance in compliance with their needs, you’ll be able to choose how they’re trimmed.

Taking Action for Tree Care and Maintenance

Tree problems don’t go away. Instead, they become gradually worse until the tree dies or falls. These outcomes could often be avoided, but many homeowners procrastinate tree care because they don’t want to spend the money on a tree specialist.

Your tree care and maintenance program should involve dealing with problems such as disease, storm damage, or pest infestation. Broken or dying branches should be cut off cleanly to create a smooth area for healing. Any indications of a disease or insect problems require immediate action.

Damage Prevention as Tree Maintenance

Our efforts in landscaping often cause damage to trees, with mowing as the biggest offender. Be careful to avoid injury to your trees when working in the yard. Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Scraping a tree trunk with the mower deck or nicking it with a weed whacker is will harm it. The damage done to the bark can allow rot or introduce insect infestations and disease.
  • Mulching is often done incorrectly. It should never be mounded against the tree trunk. Mulch should be applied 4-6 inches away from the base of the tree.
  • Be careful with digging on the property because you may damage roots.
  • Young trees should be braced only with soft materials, such as old nylon pantyhose. Wire bracing can cause serious damage.

Trees boost curb appeal and are valuable additions to your property, as long as you practice tree care and maintenance.

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