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Warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to tackle summer home maintenance projects. You’ll keep your property in great condition while boosting curb appeal. Plus, regular maintenance can help prevent future problems.

5 Tasks for Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Let’s look at a handful of maintenance tasks to complete around your home while the weather is pleasant and warm.

Add Mulch to the Garden Beds

Adding a few inches of mulch to the garden beds visually improves the exterior of your property. Mulch keeps weeds to a minimum while also helping the soil retain moisture. Inexpensive options for mulch include grass clippings, raked leaves, shredded wood/bark, and pine needles.

Summer Home Maintenance: Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is another good summer home maintenance project. If you have a sturdy ladder that reaches your roof, cleaning the gutters is a job you can do yourself. Clean the gutters at least once a year, and more often depending on how quickly the channels fill with leaves, twigs, and debris. As you are cleaning, look for signs of leaks and damage.

Hire a professional if you don’t like heights or are otherwise unable to remove debris from the gutters. A professional has the knowledge and experience to spot minor problems and make repairs before more significant damage occurs.

Seal the Backyard Deck

If your wood deck is starting to look faded and worn, it may be a good time to seal the wood and stain or paint the materials. A fresh coat of color will make the wood look new and help protect it from the elements.

Resealing the deck is a maintenance task you can complete on your own. Wooden decks will need new sealant annually to keep them in excellent condition and extend their lifespan.

Get Rid of Pests

Take advantage of the warmer weather to check the outside of your house and remove debris that may serve as a home for spiders, mice, rats, and wood-boring insects.

Remove stacked lumber and yard waste. If you store firewood outside, keep it at least ten feet from the home. Clear vegetation and trim bushes away from the sides of the house. Make sure the garbage cans have tight-fitting lids to deter pests. Eliminate standing water in the yard to help prevent mosquitos.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning your windows is probably one of the least expensive summer home maintenance tasks. While you can use a commercial window cleaner, many homeowners prefer a water and vinegar solution. Using a clean, dry rag, wipe the windows to remove dust. Next, spray a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar on the glass and wipe it with a clean rag.

Summer home maintenance is essential, so schedule these tasks between your vacation and other summer adventures. Neglecting basic upkeep can result in the need for unnecessary and costly repairs.

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