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Ant colonies send scouts to look for new food sources, which may be found in your home. These pesky insects can contaminate food and food-preparation surfaces. Let’s look at some simple ways you can rid your home of ants.

5 Solutions to Get Rid of Ants

1. Rid Your Home of Ants by Keeping it Clean

If you leave bits of food around the home, ants will find it and lead more ants to it. Ants love sugar, but will also eat just about anything else. Routine cleaning eliminates food sources. Clean spills as soon as they occur. Wash dishes right away after eating. Keep food in airtight containers to protect it from ants.

2. Eliminate Leaks

Ants sometimes create colonies inside the house, especially if they find a damp area. Leaks under bathtubs and sinks are especially attractive to carpenter ants. One way to rid your home of ants is to fix leaks promptly. If wooden surfaces are affected by a leak,  dry them out or replace the damaged portion.

3. Set Bait to Rid Your Home of Ants

Bait traps are one of the most effective options for managing an ant infestation. There are several brands on the market. Another way to rid your home of ants is to make homemade bait using sugar combined with boric acid. Place the bait in an area where you have observed ants, but where pets and children cannot access it.

4. Block Entry Points

Follow the trail of ants to find where they are entering your house. Block the entry point to keep more ants from getting in. Fill cracks with caulk or spray foam. Use weatherstripping to seal the edges of doors and windows. They will go away and look for food sources elsewhere.

5. Take Out the Garbage

The garbage can be an attractive source of food for ants. Keep kitchen waste in a trash can with a lid. After emptying the trash, check the inside of the can to see if there are remnants of food that need to be cleaned out. Clean the garbage can once a week with dish soap and spray it out with a hose.

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