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How to Reduce Indoor Humidity For A More Comfortable Home

The humidity in Florida is enough to make you want to stay indoors in the air conditioning all day long. But what about when your indoor humidity becomes unbearable too? Indoor humidity is not only uncomfortable, it can also encourage mold growth. Here are 5 tips to help you reduce indoor humidity at home.

1. Use Exhaust Fans

Activities like cooking on the stove and taking a shower produce moisture, heat, and steam, raising the humidity levels in your house. Always turn on the exhaust fan in the kitchen or bathroom if you are cooking or bathing, and leave it on for several minutes after you are finished. You can reduce indoor humidity by getting into the habit of turning on the exhaust fans.

2. Take Shorter and Cooler Showers

As stated above, showers raise the humidity in your home. Longer, hotter showers can raise the humidity in the bathroom a great deal and that air will recirculate throughout the whole home. To reduce indoor humidity, be conscious of this fact every time you take a shower. If you turn the temperature down and try to cut a few minutes off your shower time, it will make a difference. Turning off the water while you are shampooing or shaving will also help your efforts to reduce indoor humidity, with the added bonus that you’ll also be saving water.

3. Get a Dehumidifier

The sole purpose of a dehumidifier is to reduce indoor humidity. Depending on the scope of your humidity issue, you can choose between a whole house dehumidifier which attaches to your HVAC or a portable one to concentrate on a certain room. Oftentimes, people will place a dehumidifier in the bathroom or the basement. Consider your budget and problem areas.

4. Replace Air Filters

Your HVAC filters should be changed every few months, depending on the directions included with your HVAC manual. Not only does this keep your indoor air cleaner and your unit functioning more efficiently, but it also helps reduce indoor humidity.

5. Check for Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can be a source of unseen sitting water, which can encourage mold growth and evaporate into the air, increasing humidity. By inspecting for and fixing any plumbing leaks underneath sinks or behind toilets, you will be doing yourself a favor by saving water, reducing indoor humidity, and avoiding potential water damage to your home.

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