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Inexpensive and convenient lighting brings any outdoor space to life after dark. Your deck, porch, or patio is more enjoyable to spend time on at night with soft lighting. Here are some questions to ask when exploring your outdoor lighting options.

Do You Have Electricity in the Outdoor Space?

Access to electricity will determine which types of lighting are suitable for your outdoor space. If the area is attached to the house or has electrical outlets nearby, electrical lighting is an option.

For a deck or porch, you can install a light fixture to the wall or the ceiling overhead. An easier option is to hang string lights and plug them into the nearby outlet. If you do not have an electricity source in your outdoor space, like a patio in the backyard, you’ll be limited to battery-powered or solar lights.

What is the Goal of the Lighting?

If you need lighting in an outdoor space like a shed, the purpose will be different than lighting in a garden courtyard. You’ll want a bright light for DIY projects, painting, and working with tools. If the light is only for ambiance, dim and soft lighting is much more pleasant.

What’s Your Budget for Outdoor Lighting Options?

Money plays a big factor in the type of outdoor lighting you will choose. Installing new electrical light fixtures will cost the most because you’ll need to hire an electrician and fixtures can cost hundreds of dollars. Most other outdoor lighting options are fairly affordable, from solar lights to string lights. You can make your outdoor space look festive and cozy while spending very little money.

Alternative Sources for Outdoor Lighting Options


Flames can be a source of light for your outdoor spaces as long as safety precautions are taken. Candles can be safely used almost anywhere when supervised, but don’t use larger flames like tiki torches or fire pits underneath a covering or awning.

Also, keep them at least 10 feet away from structures and trees. Never leave a flame unattended and make sure they are completely out before going indoors for the night.


Solar lights come in many forms. You can find lanterns, string lights, mounted lights, and stake lights. Solar lights are affordable, but it’s worth it to spend a bit more for a sturdier light that will last longer.


Battery-powered lights are used less now that solar lights are widely available. You’ll have to keep a stock of batteries and change them whenever the light dies. However, if you don’t have a sunny property, a solar light might not be able to get enough sunlight to charge. It’s also a good idea to keep battery-powered lights on hand in case of a power outage.

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