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Your backyard deck can be dangerous for kids and pets if it isn’t maintained well. If you want to make your deck safe for your loved ones, here are a few ways you can achieve this goal.

Ways to Make Your Deck Safe

Small children should always be supervised when they are on a deck, especially one that has outdoor furniture, a grill, and other accessories. This also applies to pets that are prone to wandering and being curious. Let’s look at specific precautions you can take.

Lock the Door and Use a Gate

Keep children and pets safer by installing a lock on the door that leads to the deck. Add a locking gate to steps that lead to your deck. Don’t keep any deck furniture near the gate or railings since it can be used for climbing over.

Maintain Your Railings

Make your deck safe for your children and pets by making sure your rails are sturdy, secure, and well-maintained. Repair or replace any posts or spindles that are damaged or missing. There should be no more than 3 inches of distance between railing spindles. Plastic mesh secured with ties or UV-resistant railing covers are easy ways to cover spindles that have too much space between them without having to rebuild your deck.

Choose Non-Toxic Plants

Another smart way to make your deck safe is to be careful about the plants you keep on it. Seemingly safe plants can be toxic to kids and pets. Research all the plants on your deck to make sure they are non-toxic.

To Make Your Deck Safe, Provide a Shaded Area

It’s common for pets to tag along with their owners while they are on the deck. If your pet likes to be by your side, make your deck safe by creating a shaded area so they can stay out of direct sun exposure. This will keep their paws from getting burned. Options for providing shade include installing a patio umbrella, using a sun shade, or adding a retractable awning.

Grilling Safety

People often set their grill up on their deck. Don’t place it in a high-traffic area. An adult should supervise the grill anytime it’s in use. Also, keep the catch basin away from pets. Store all grilling tools and utensils out of reach of children, and keep a cover on the grill when it’s not in use.

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