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A home inspection before closing is important for any buyer. Defects or safety issues could go undetected without a professional home inspector examining the property and finding things you may have missed on the initial tour. To make certain you get an expert for the job, here are five important questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

1: What Qualifications Does the Inspector Have?

To find a well-qualified home inspector, search for one with a background in the building or home improvement industry. These inspectors have a great working knowledge of how homes are built. Ask about the qualifications offered by the contractor before hiring.

2: When Hiring a Home Inspector, Experience Matters

Experienced home inspectors have an eye for the small stuff that some inexperienced inspectors may overlook. A well-practiced inspector knows how to get the job done efficiently with accurate and complete results.

3: What is the Reputation of the Inspector You are Hoping to Hire

A good home inspector has a reputation to back his or her name. Check out online reviews to learn what previous customers say about the inspector. There are many websites where professionals can be rated and reviewed. Find a local home inspector with a stellar reputation to get a superior inspection.

4: What Sets the Inspector Apart From the Rest?

The best home inspector for the job is someone who stands out from the other choices. It may be because of their attention to detail, their specialized knowledge of certain types of homes, or their list of clientele. Hire a home inspector who does things a bit better than the other guys.

5: When Hiring a Home Inspector, Ask What’s Included

Some inspectors offer different services or add-ons to supplement your home inspection. Talk with your home inspector to understand what they offer. Make sure you have a written estimate of the cost that details what is and what is not included in the inspection.

Hire a Reliable Home Inspector

A reliable home inspector is looking out for your best interests. When you’re buying a new home, hire an inspector with an eye for detail, experience, expertise, and dedication to his job and customers.

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