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The oven accumulates food particles and grease each time it is used. Most modern ovens need to be deep-cleaned every 2-3 months. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the oven keeps it working efficiently and extends its lifespan. To help keep your kitchen spotless, here are five steps to clean an oven.

How to Clean Your Oven

1. Remove and Clean the Oven Racks

Start with the oven racks. They collect grease and burnt-on food particles and will usually need to be soaked to eliminate it all. Use warm, soapy water to soak the racks for a few hours until the grease is loose enough to scrub off. If you do not have enough space in the kitchen sink, soak the racks in the bathtub.

2. Remove Food Residue to Clean Your Oven

While your oven racks are soaking, use a wooden spoon or plastic scraper to remove residue inside your oven gently. Spills and splatters are common and leave baked-on food particles inside the range. In addition to scraping the walls, clear burned food from the bottom of the oven.

3. Apply Oven Cleaner

For removing grease, use an effective oven cleaner. Apply a generous amount of oven cleaner throughout the inside of the appliance. Mix baking soda with water for a homemade cleansing paste. A ratio of 2-to-1 is ideal, so the cleaning agent will stick to the surfaces inside your oven. Let the cleaner sit for a few hours or overnight. When using commercial oven cleaner products, it is important to make sure the kitchen is well ventilated as the odor can be quite unpleasant.

4. Scrub Your Oven Clean

After allowing the cleaning solution to work, place old newspapers or paper towels on the floor in front of the oven to catch debris. Use a moist sponge and wipe out as much of the oven cleaner as possible along with ash and grease. Wipe the oven’s interior and rinse the sponge until it is spotless.

5. Cleaning the Door

When cleaning your oven, don’t overlook the door. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Use this solution on the glass door and a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and dirt.

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